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New Year
Pablo Picasso

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Happy Chinese New Year!
Click here & Celebrate!
Happy Holidays!

  Hug O' War

I will not play at tug o' war.
I'd rather play at hug o' war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs,
Where everyone giggles
And rolls on the rug,
Where everyone kisses,
And everyone grins,
And everyone cuddles,
And everyone wins.

Shel Silverstein    

Pablo Picasso - Dove of Peace
Zoom in
(AllPosters.com Art Print)

Click me to hear this song!

Click on the Tree     
to Hear this Song !   

Click on the Tree to hear this Song!I'd like to teach the World to sing
in Perfect Harmony,Click on the Tree to hear this Song!
I'd like to hold it in my armsClick on the Tree to hear this Song!
and keep it company!Click on the Tree to hear this Song!
The New Seekers

Zoom in
(AllPosters.com Art Print)
Whether it is now hot or cold in your corner of the world, here's a warm hug!
...and have
a Merry Holiday Season!!!

Got inspired?...
Send a Friend an E-Greeting, right here, from MieNet.

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All of MieNet's Free Walpaper
More than ever, goodwill & friendliness are precious treasures to be cultivated.
To be the peaceful, lovely place it's meant for each and all of us, our World needs from every one of us the ability to recognize in every other Human Being
  • someone who's made of bones, muscles, brain cells, heart, joys, frustrations, dreams, etc., just as we are;
  • someone who, like each of us, was born with the right to be respected and treasured as well as the duty to learn to respect and treasure each and every Human Being -- including him/herself.
The more able to identify in each other someone who, underneath the large variety of social and cultural wrappings, is extremely similar to each of us, the less able ever to be hostile or to hurt we become.
Let's sow in & motivate goodwill + friendliness now & throughout 2005!
as much as possible! as often as possible!


There's a beautiful old poem on line,
written by Fra Giovanni,
whose words I'd like to make mine,
as an extension of my wishes to you for the New Year.
Please open the page here and enjoy the poem.

Next, I'll share an original MP3 recording of Deck the Hall.
It's sung by a student choir that I once started, directed + sang with.
The recording you'll hear was made during one of our practices
(you can hear me count “1-2-3-4” at the start ;).
So, it's not a concert,
but acceptable enough to deserve keeping:
Please click here to listen, or download (1Mb)
There is another MP3 file on-line with the same choir.
And this time it's the live recording of a performance.
You're welcome to listen, or download:
Deep River (0.8Mb)
(In case you're not familiar with it, this is a lovely, quiet, heart-warming song)

How about some Carols to play on your computer?
I have a small collection of mid files (680 Kb).
And how about decorating your computer for the Holidays?
Or making specially decorated messages to share with your friends at this special time of the year?

You're welcome to download my collection of Holiday Season Icons.
All made & offered by MieNet -- free, of course.
You'll find many icon collections on the page you open above.

All the Holiday Season Icons are in the collection called MieNet's Celebrations & Emoticons Library.

Need help unzipping and/or handling these files?
Check the helpdesk section on this site for a few tips. (Should this not suffice, you can send me a note and I'll do my best to help.)

Don't forget also to browse my large collection of Holiday Season Music (MP3 format). There's plenty to inspire us and make us merry, at this special time!
Whatever your musical taste, your age, your mood, I bet you'll find music to please you. :)

Fond of music? Then check my general Music&MP3 Menu, in addition.

There are also lots of Holiday Season Images (and beautiful 2003 Calendars, too) that you can delight your eyes with.

You're very welcome to download any of my songs (MP3 format).
Whichever song you may choose, if you do, then please make it a special Holiday gift from me. Download any of my songs as a Holiday gift from me

Should you wish to have a song that's not currently available, just please email me
(because of bandwidth usage & online disk space, my songs cannot all be available at one time).

Enjoy my Free Stuff Pages!
Special delivery from Santa Claus–all year 'round ;)...

F r e e S t u f f   @   M i e N e t:
Icons Cursors eBooks
Wallpaper MP3s eGreetings
Fun, Games Quotes Recipes
Game Software Humor, Jokes Software
a n d    y e t    m o r e  . . .


Since we're at it...laughing is of course also free! And healthy! :)
Check my Useless Information and related Humor Pages, and have a good time! (Daily cartoons, jokes & daily funny stuff, as well, as available).

MieNet celebrates Friendship and Humanity.
At this special time, I invite you to celebrate with me:).

This Site is additionally devoted to
supporting a few great causes.

So, I extend the above invitation for you to
join me in this support for a moment,
this Holiday Season.
Further support is evidently very welcome,
if you feel moved to, and have a web page:
Then you can link to

(I'll link back to you, if you do–just please let me know.)

Please also help support my latest initiative
and pls. feel free to make as much use of it as you wish:
Jolly & Helpful -- Give it a try!:)

I've made a special Holiday Season Menu
which appears on the Home Page & a few others.
Check this Menu out, if you've missed it,
and you'll find quite a few more Holiday goodies to enjoy. :)

Please feel very welcome in my virtual home,
and free to browse MieNet as much as you please!

Don't know where to, next?
I'll be happy to show you around a bit, or accompany you
wherever you choose.

Just pls. keep in mind that, before we part, you are invited to
savor a virtual cup of Coffee with me! :)  
[ you'll see it below ]

This having been said...let's get started:

There's a general cultural page, from which you can reach a number of other pages.

Among these, are a few sections devoted to Time, my pet subject, which include facts and curiosities on the calendars that we count time with, in addition to some fun sections that you may also enjoy checking out – for ex., your Chinese Horoscope animal, and a leap year calculator, among others.

If the subject interests you, then you'd also like to check a few curious aspects regarding our experience of time.

I've assembled a long list with all sorts of on-line learning/education resources, which you may enjoy browsing. You might like to read a related true tale, as well...

Are you fond of sports? You find daily news, inspiring images and more, on my Sports Pages.

In addition to daily Sports top news, there are
special sections on Olympic sports, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, not to mention MieNet's Auto Racing and Motor sections, which include an entire eBook that you can download for free and/or enjoy on-line.

If you are here, you're obviously using a computer. So you may enjoy checking my Software pages, where I share about my favorite software–most of which I use on a daily basis.

In this context, you are also welcome to MieNet's Free Icon Libraries and MieNet's Free Cursors.

While we're at it, why don't you add an extra gift to the bag Santa has had for you this Season?... Here's the tip:
my absolutely favorite program for the past 7 years–TreePad.

Check my comments–and earlier comments here, plus my brief descriptions of the different TreePad's available.

TreePad™ can be downloaded free
–that is, if you haven't got it yet!
I joke that the only things that TreePad Plus won't do for me nowadays
are to turn on/off my computer and make my coffee!;)...
Of course, this is a “slight” exaggeration;),
but good enough to convey how I feel about this small program
(fits on a diskette) that is amazingly powerful, super versatile,
so simple & addictively useful!:)

You may find it inspiring to check my Quote Collections...

...or find my Book Reviews useful, or perhaps enjoy a modest tribute to J.R.R.Tolkien & L.Carroll–the former of whom is under the spotlight these days–and my Harry Potter page, whose adventures dispute box-office honors with the adventures in Tolkien's trilogy... Or you may prefer Frank Herbert's epic, or other science fiction...
Ah, there's yet more...But I should let you check the local menus...

...or you may wish to take advantage of my Movie Reviews and Film Previews, and pick your choice for the Holidays...

...or enjoy the variety of Games I have on-line–especially if you have young ones around (they can also try Playing Music on-line!)...

...or check today's main news, or the weather...

Well...there's so much in Life that I Love, that this site is approaching 1000 pages and there's yet a lot to share...
So, lest these greetings get any longer, I'd better let you browse at your discretion.
I'd imagine it likely that you find something to suit your taste :)...

The different sections that you'll come across
offer their own short menus.
These short menus come in handy for quick navigation,
the overall Menu and Site Map, for a major switch of areas
or a bird's eye view of MieNet.

Whatever you choose to enjoy at MieNet, though, don't forget to drop by my Coffee House, as well, and
share a virtual cup with me. :)
As the saying goes,
“Coffee is best sweetened by good company”...

And no coffee tastes better than the cup that we share
with a Friend!

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Enjoying this page? Find this site useful?
Invite a friend over!
You'll make me happy :)... possibly your friend, too!

Invite a Friend to visit MieNet!

Have a HomePage?
I'd like to link to you! Would link back to me?
Just please click here and see how easily we can go about it!

A special request: Found a broken link? A typo? Any other bug?
Please take a minute to
report it!
I'll greatly appreciate it!
And so will the friends & visitors who come by
after I've fixed whatever you kindly report.

Be Merry Now, and Always!

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Doing something for someone else
Isn't really for someone else...
It does twice as much for you
As something you do
   Just for yourself ! :)

  In Burt Bacharach & Hal David's Reflections

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Jacqueline Penney

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