Through our scientific genius, we have made this world a neighborhood;
now through our moral and spiritual development, we must make of it a brotherhood.
[Martin Luther King Jr. ]
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Special Message:
If your Sept.11
was firsthand...
Believe In Miracles
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   List of Countries that suffered casualties on September 11, 2001.
Scars are medals on the chest of heroes;
heroes are those who wear these medals without showing them off.
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  God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas, but for scars.
[Elbert Hubbard ]
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God Grant Me...
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  Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.
[Marcus Aurelius ]
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  Our laws and institutions must go hand in hand with progress of the human mind.
[Thomas Jefferson ]
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  Don't find fault, find solutions.
[Henry Ford ]
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All I really need to know...
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All I really need
to know I learned
in kindergarten

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Following 9/11, throughout October, Kaplan donated a % of each student's tuition toward the Kaplan 9/11 fund, established at the Children's Aid Society.
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Welcome to MieNet
           Welcome to MieNet! Net
Welcome to my Net-world!  
    My Unconditional
                Human Solidarity

View Image Caption
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This page bears no political,
nor ethnical, nor religious
inclination, whatsoever!
This page's sole motivation & allegiance
is Humanitarian!

My deepest human solidarity to all citizens (American and World-wide) whose lives have been directly or indirectly stricken, or taken, in this horrific human slaughter that shook the US and the World today (Sept. 11, 2001).

Today's monstruous burst of violence is beyond words, having caught human language unprepared to express such shock, horror, sorrow, pain. But genuine empathy and solidarity transcend words--so I'll write below with my Heart, no matter how humanly wounded.

Having once survived a terror bombing attack (LaGuardia Airport, New York City, Dec.29, 1975), my solidarity and compassion to those who were tragically stricken today, their families and their friends, go beyond words.
This page is primarily a modest attempt at lending them all, and each, in this most difficult hour, my unconditional solidarity, my Heart, my compassion, my deep Human Love.

My Heart is one with each and every of today's victims, their family members, their friends.
Their pain and sorrow, per extension, are also my own.
And my prayers are not only for the many who perished, and their families, but just as much for those who suddenly woke up in the middle of an unimaginable nightmare, as I did in 1975, and are presently struggling to piece together what is left of their lives--whether in hospital beds or in their homes.

Finally, my prayers and Human gratitude are also intense for the many Heroes who always rise amid the tragedies, risking their own skin to aid and save their Fellow-Humans. Though many of these Heroes often remain anonymous, my deepest Human respect and gratitude embraces them all and is theirs forever.

My heart is no less one with each and every peaceful American and World Citizen who, though outside the terror scenes, stands in mute shocking awe, in face of today's human tragedy and atrocious display of brutality and heartlessness.

A special note:
If any of you whose lives have forever been altered by today's overwhelmingly tragic events happen to land on this page, please be sure that I'm ready to offer well beyond a deeply solidary Heart: pls. let me know of and count on whatever way I can be of assistance, given my 1975 experience and recovery from it.
(At that time, I had to rebuild my life and start anew: From the moment I regained consciousness, amid the La Guardia rubble, it took two long years to heal the multiple injuries, regain my health, and re-join life, so to speak. I believe I emerged from this entire ordeal as well as I could have, and a better Human being. Thus the open offer here, if my experience in this unusual area of life, and what I've managed to learn and grow from it, can be useful to anyone.)
As to the deep emotional wounds that we are also left with, I learned during that period that it was very helpful to talk about that horrific experience, to share it with people who were willing to listen and understand. I therefore also lend you my fully empathetic ears anytime you may feel they could be of use.
Later on, my own academic research allowed me a glimpse into why it was helpful to talk. In very brief words, the effect of this talking and retelling is somewhat comparable to that of diluting or dissolving something in a liquid: it slowly helps wear out the trauma, the powerfully condensed emotional energy that has suddenly built up within, as it at the same time helps prevent that the shocking experience be made into a taboo, or the like, within.
At any rate, do count on me if you think I can be of use. And if not, I hope it is comforting to know that you automatically have my Solidarity, my Human Respect and Love, along with my prayers for Courage and Strength to cope now and in every difficult moment ahead.

I'll be adding to this page once the initial shock in face of today's tragedies wears out a bit, and as time allows me.
The deeply sad and sorrowful unintelligibility of terror attacks victimizing peaceful citizens who're quietly going about their daily dealings is a topic that I have reflected much on. Being caught in such an experience, plus all else that derives thereof, brings out new glimpses of the familiar world, i.e., from entirely new reference points. Experiences such as today's cruel disregard for Human Life do change one's existence--forever.
I have already shared some related reflections, and will eventually share further--especially that which I have managed to derive of positive and constructive out of the brutal destruction experienced on my own flesh and soul.
Right now, however, it is first and foremost time to heal (we have the rest of life to reflect). Every Human Soul, I believe, has been deeply wounded today, as those thousands of citizens were brutally slaughtered in one instant, in New York City, in Washington D.C., and in Pennsylvania.
So, at this devastatingly sad moment for Mankind, the best I possibly can is to open my Human Heart to each and every one of you coming to visit me on this page (no matter where on the Globe you may be), and to offer you my deepest Human Love, Respect and Solidarity.

[ obsolete stuff has been removed here ]

A few inspirational quotes have now been added to this page, as well as a few more images--all placed among the original images, on the left (white) margin. I hope you enjoy these additions.
Please before you copy a quotation or quote collection among the many offered @ MieNet.
If you happen to have a good quote, even more so if it could be especially inspiring now, please do not hesitate to send it to me!
You can be sure that I'll greatly appreciate it! And I'll of course acknowledge your contribution on-line, as I add the quote to its page – unless you let me know you prefer me not to.

This page grows little by little...
I'm now adding some music as a special gift to you who may find it inspiring and/or comforting to have it at hand now and then. A link to download is on the lower left (white) margin. A few comments regarding these songs follow below--I feel you can better enjoy listening if you know a bit about what's playing.
If you are familiar with Deep River (0.8Mb) you know how lovely touching and heart-warming it is. In this recording you hear a small student choir which I once founded and used to direct (and sing with, too). It is a live recording.
In contrast with the introspective, sentimental nature of Deep River is my jolly, light-hearted jazz-waltz...(continue here)
I wish so much I could pay a special musical tribute here to New Yorkers! I sing a number of songs about New York and have mp3 files with live recordings of different concerts in which I do New York, New York, New York State of Mind, Manhattan and On Broadway.
I'd so much like, in addition, to make available on this special page, other songs I do and have in mp3 format, which could likewise be particularly inspiring right now: Blowing in the Wind, Raindrops, You've Got a Friend, and In my Life, among others.
But the laws of our world, necessary as they are to provide us a sense of order and security, every once in a while can run a bit short of being fully humanistic...especially in face of exceptional circumstances.
We face one of such instances, now, which limits the extent of the personal musical gift that I can make available to you here, independently of what my heart would so much wish: I'm limited to offering you on-line songs which I have written, myself (i.e., the copyright of which I own), or else songs which fall into the public domain realm.
I sincerely believe that John Lennon, who was a New-Yorker when his life was shockingly taken, would rejoyce in my heartfelt wish to share his meaningful, beautiful In my Life (a Lennon-McCartney song), at this extra-ordinary moment in our lives. But, again, this would not suffice as a green light.
So, as a way to make up for what I can't, I'm placing here, Bruce Springsteen's Live in New York City--check the left (white) margin. This is a song that I like very much, though I have never done it, myself. And there is no legal restraint, since the song is on a commercial CD.
I hope the songs that I am allowed to share with you here--as a possible gift, if you'd like it:)--can be inspiring in their own way, and be heart-warming to you. You can read about these songs and decide whether or not you'd like the gift, as well as decide what to download.
The only song about an American city, the copyright of which song I own, is Boston, I love you, written in 1973 (I think). Perhaps Boston needs a special song now, when it has so sorrowfuly found itself as the source of two of the fateful flights on Sept.11. The mp3 file that I'm uploading is a live recording, in which I play the electric guitar and sing, with a back-up band.
Why did I write this song? Some of the best years of my life I spent in Boston and surroundings (Newton, Worcester & Martha's Vineyard). Though I've also lived in Spokane (Wash.) and been all over the US (in N.Y.C., more times than I could count), whenever I think of the US, Boston is the place I could call “home.” Thus the song, one hot summer night, in Rio de Janeiro, when I caught myself missing so very specially the friends and home I then had in Boston.
(Conversely, one cold snowy night, in Boston, I wrote a song about Rio de Janeiro, my original home town. You're welcome to write me for my Rio de Janeiro song, if you'd like to hear it. It might well be the only samba song making reference to snow! The lyrics are in Portuguese, I should warn, though.)
Other than that, should any of these songs (or others which I have not mentioned) be particularly meaningful to you in this most exceptional period of our lives, please feel free to e-mail me about it. On a private basis, I can of course share my singing and playing with any friend I choose to.
I'll conclude this reference to my music with what might mean a word of encouragement, should this come handy to anyone. I came close to losing my right arm, as a result of the La Guardia bombing which I was blessed to survive in 1975. I subsequently heard that I would manage to keep my arm, but that it'd be a decorative (rather than useful) limb. Indeed, some 9 months after I was still carrying my right arm around in some kind of small bag that hanged down from my neck. Well, as you hear me play the guitar, you'll realize how much my right arm can do, despite all odds:). How could this be possible? I loved (and love) playing the guitar so much that I just took heart, and took heart, and took heart...
We all have this special inner force. How do we make it available, how do we unlock it? Motivation, I believe, is the key. Whatever may be the challenge, find your guitar and cling to it!



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