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MieNet - MP3 Tips

Click below + Enjoy my music collections!
Click below + Enjoy my music collections!
Enjoy MP3 downloads without limit:
Get an -subscription!
Click below + Enjoy my music collections!
Check these tips and enjoy it all to the brim:

Let the Music Flow! Advantages you enjoy:
A subscription to comes with a number of privileges, starting with the currently offered.
I know of no easier + more affordable way to have lots of great music always at hand: download the MP3s and burn all the CDs you can dream of ! :)
Let the Music Flow! Yet more advantages:
In case you don't know, at , you are entitled to 50 free mp3 downloads:), and you can browse and listen to music samples on line as much as you wish.
There's still more: you can download entire albums at one go, if you'd like--a feature which I find terribly handy and time-saving.
Let the Music Flow! Unique advantages:
In addition to 100s of weekly new releases, at , you enjoy exclusive sneak previews from albums before they are available on the market, and exclusive-MP3 music from lots of great musicians!
Now, here's the best part of an : there is no limit (!) whatsoever to how much music you download, once you are a subscribed user.
Let the Music Flow! A feature to be duly appreciated:
This is a feature to be duly appreciated: for EMusic pays rights for every song we download.
Yet, they not only [1] allow any of us the privilege of downloading up to 50 MP3s free of any charge (we could simply walk away after that, safe from any risk of being pestered), but they also [2] allow us to download all the music we can manage the time and bandwidth to download!
I have now and then wondered how they manage to keep their business going, since the monthly subscription to all these great advantages is less costly, per subscriber, than the purchase of a CD! But somehow they seem to work the miracle--to our delight and advantage!:)
When you download my music here, I don't have to pay any rights, since I own this music and can therefore choose to offer you the downloads free of charge. Yet, I do pay for the bandwidth you use (this is why my songs have to be available in small bunches at a time, which I change approx. every week), as I also have to pay for a web host that offers good speed and allows me 100Mb on-line (which is not enough for all my songs, but which is what I can afford for now, since I don't charge you anything).
Now, put this into the far larger perspective of the service that offers, where you download all you wish (there is really no hidden limit!), at a charge below the cost of one CD per month, and you still get up to 50 songs for free! Besides the costs I have, when I offer you my songs for free, EMusic must pay rights for every one track that is downloaded, and they must also pay some employee(s), to run their business as well as they do.
Being a professional musician and composer, in addition to offering free downloads of my own MP3s, I feel I should help you appreciate fully this excellent aspect of 's subscription. For we're usually so busy choosing, downloading and then enjoying all the music we find available, that we can easily fail to appreciate fully what a great opportunity we're taking advantage of!...
That which we appreciate, we enjoy even more. So...I hope the above remark helps make music yet a jollier experience for you!:)
Let the Music Flow! Make the most of your subscription: Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy...save, and spread the joy!
Those of you who know me personally, know how much I enjoy sharing music with friends. I have had the habit of giving away cassettes and now CDs & MP3s for longer than I can remember, sharing with friends and acquaintances all the good music I enjoy. Music makes people happy, and I love getting a sunny smile in return!:) The allows me to share a variety as I had never been able to before!
Even if you haven't had the same habit, just think of how many friends' birthdays you will not brighten up with a nice CD that you burn to suit especially that friend's taste! (And think of how much you save, too!)
Other than that, think of all the great variety of music you can have in your car (on CD or cassette), out of your downloads! And you can delight your ears and your soul anywhere, really! I have a CD-walkman that plays both regular and MP3 CDs. It's incredible how many MP3 tracks we can fit onto one single CD! Have you tried it?:)...
The possibilities are limitless, once you have so much music easily available to you! Do you need tips regarding CD burners, players, or related software? Check both my MP3 Page and my Software Page! And, if you don't find all you need there, pls. feel to drop me a line. I'll be more than pleased to be of avail, to the best of my knowledge/experience.
Let the Music Flow! A very special feature:
On a personal, human level, you'll feel great as an ! For the EMusic folks really make you feel that you matter, that you're not just one in the crowd. You'll love the service!:)
Let the Music Flow! Together with the tip on TreePad, this tip on an is, I believe, the nicest and most useful I share with you on MieNet. Hope you can enjoy both as much as I do!:)
Click above + Enjoy my music collections!
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Click above + Enjoy my music collections!
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