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           or to
             https://mienet.net /sports/autoracing/      or    https://mienet.net /news/    or ...
           depending on the image you have chosen, as indicated on the page displaying that image.
* Finally, please send me an e-mail with the URL of your page, where you have placed the link to MieNet.
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* To make it very easy and simple for you, below each image, you see the HTML code for linking to MieNet. This way, all you need to do is to copy that code and paste it on your page.
      Well, pls. don't forget to save the image, before you copy the code! And then remember to upload both the image and your page, once you have pasted the code there.
  1. TARGET="_blank"  is included in the codes you will copy here so that your page remains open, while MieNet will open in a separate window. This way, your visitor will still have your page on his desktop.

    In case you prefer MieNet to open in the same window where your visitor will be clicking, you just need to delete TARGET="_blank" from the code that you'll copy. But if you do this, pls. be careful not to delete anything else in the code!...or it may not work.

  2. Pls. make sure that you either [A] upload the image to the same directory as the page where the image stands, or [B] add the correct path to the code you will copy in this Section, in the case that the image will be uploaded to a directory other than the one containing page where that image will display.

    This is very important! If you do not get this right, no image will display!

  3. All images have been coded to be centered. If you do not wish the image to be centered, just please remove the following strings from the image code you have copied:
                   <P ALIGN="Center">
    You can easily locate them at the very start and at the very end of the code, proper.
    Again, pls. be careful not to delete anything else in the code!...or it may not work.
* In case you would prefer a text link, here it is:
          <!-- Text Link to MieNet starts -->
<P ALIGN="Center"><B><A HREF="https://mienet.net" TARGET="_blank">Visit <I>MieNet</I></A>, home for the Serious, the Fun and the Funny:</B> family friendly entertainment, books, movies, posters, Holidays, free stuff, free downloads, MP3s, e-books, e-cards, graphics, icons, music, games, play on-line, guitar, humor, sports, motor sports, news, weather, travel, maps, culture, quotes, friendship, love, TV, culinary, education, test-prep, welfare, Web rings, and yet more!</P>
          <!-- Text Link to MieNet ends -->
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