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     MieNet's Software Links Page
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Software Humor:

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– Free!

highlight  The website offers a free program that's great for organizing class notes, professional data, homepage files, and anything else!
TreePad is absolutely my favorite program. It is actually a large “family” of programs, some freeware, some shareware, all compatible, ranging from a basic version (available since the mid 1990's) to a very sophisticated and powerful multi-user version (with intra-net capabilities).
You haven't tried TreePad?... Then , try it out, and see what I mean. You can download any version of TreePad for free.
highlight  At MieNet, you are welcome to check a brief reference on TreePad Viewer (Freeware) and other members of the TreePad Family.
Then why don't you go to MieNet's eBook section and check some of MieNet-produced eBooks which are also on-line (you can download them free, to check them further, even if you do not yet have a copy of TreePad).
highlight  All of MieNet's free eBooks have been made with (PLUS or Business) and their on-line versions have likewise been generated with TreePad, from the originally written eBooks. I have no doubt that these can give you a good impression of how powerful and handy a program TreePad is.
I bet you'll love it! It's free to download, and there is an excellent Freeware version, too: TreePad Lite, in addition to the already mentioned TreePad Viewer!
There are other Freeware versions, in fact. Check them out at the Site, if you are interested.
highlight  I have just mentioned (shareware, free to try for 21 days).
TreePad Plus is of course a lot more powerful than its more modest brother, the great (freeware), which I have been using for some eight years now. TreePad is sure worth having! (I wouldn't be able to live, work, have homepages, etc., without my TreePad's, including the Freeeware version).
highlight  If you wonder why...check the on-line eBooks just mentioned above, and let me just add that = TreePad + advanced Word Processor + Picture Album + WebSite Generator + Hyperlink Manager + many other useful functions. The Business edition is yet more powerful, and now there is the Enterprise edition, which can manage databases with hundreds of Megabytes.
It is hard to believe that such a powerful program is small enough also be used right from a diskette, with room left for data on that same diskette!
highlight  Try it out and you'll easily understand why I'd feel clumsy to use a computer without at hand, as you'll also understand why I'm growing addicted to , the latest member added to the family :)...
highlight  See below the newest members of the family!

highlight  The website offers you a free program that can be used complementarily to TreePad, in some ways.
highlight  For example, if you write your own (raw) html coding, you'll love some of NoteTab Pro's functions, such as the Clipbook libraries, which can place the boring part of coding right at your fingertips.
You can also use NoteTab Pro to write e-mails, and of course anything else that does not require any fancy text editing. (TreePad is a lot more sophisticated as a text editor, though having both programs is ideal, IMO).
highlight  You can download the program right from the web site.
highlight  There is a freeware version (NoteTab Light, which of course is a lot more limited, by comparison), and two shareware versions, NoteTab Standard and (the one I use)--these last two are free to try for a month.
Both and , whether freeware or shareware, are extremely well written programs: simple to install, simple to use (albeit powerful programs), no disturbing bugs, no crashing!
Your computer is safe, your work is safe, when you use either program. The guys who wrote it surely know their trade.
I'm a happy registered user of both, and recommend them highly to anyone--especially my friends!
If you can't get both at once, you won't regret making your first choice, later to enjoy a few complementary goodies when you get your copy of .
I should add, in advance, that all the programs that I recommend here are not only programs that I use often, but are all well made, too, and just as safe to install and to use.
I'm deeply allergic to bugware and anything that could mess up my computer or my work!

highlight  Though is likely the most well-known of the programs that I enjoy using, I'll put in a few words--just in case...
highlight  It is a free image viewer and converter.
highlight  The program offers a number of effects as well as easy color manipulation--including depth, which I use for optimizing images manually (so their size is reduced, i.e., they load faster on-line).
highlight  Another nice feature in is that it can handle a very large number of file formats (graphic files, and a few sound files, too).
highlight  But that's not all... thumbnails, screen capturing, slide show, batch conversion, directory view, print and even scanning (TWAIN) surely make a must.
In case you don't see how I manage to use IrfanView to optimize images,
I'll be happy to share what I do: just drop me a line about it.


     Harm's Tile Maker 99
highlight  I use to create the backgrounds you see on MieNet and most other images I make for my pages.
highlight   is a small program that offers a good number of filters and effects. You'll be surprised at the great images you can create, once you get the hang of this program. highlight  Try it and I'm sure you'll love it. It's freeware, BTW.


     Total Commander (shareware – formerly “Windows Commander”)
highlight  I'd not know how to manage my files and work in Windows without .
highlight  This is absolutely the best File Manager around. Get it and you'll never more open the WinExplorer nor touch the Start Menu.
But is more than a file manager... For example, it allows you to upload your home page files to the web via FTP and, with an advantage over the popular WS FTP: managing your files on the web and exchanging files between your home page and your computer is no different from doing all of it just on your hard disk!
highlight   offers so many other features that I could not possibly mention them all. Let me just add that it allows file viewing (text + graphic) and comparison, and that starting any program is just a single click away, with Total Commander. You ought to try it, if you haven't yet...
highlight  If you've used the Norton Commander (see below), you'll see many similarities between that program and the , though the latter is by no means a copy of the former.
highlight   is shareware. But you can try it free for a month. Just be prepared that you will not want to uninstall it, once that month is over...
highlight  Before we move on, I'll just share that two programs are always on from the minute I start my computer to the very time I turn it off: Total Commander and TreePad, which I refer to a few times on the current page. (Of course I'm not thinking of firewalls, virus protection, and other programs that work directly connected with the operating system. Here I refer to programs that I actively use, the absolutely indispensable ones being TreePad and Total Commander.)

     Amazon's -- real bargains
highlight  Here's a page that I check every now and then, when I have a minute to spare on-line. All software offered here is under-priced. Now, these great deals are available on a daily basis--so we never know what's the great deal available till we get there.
highlight  I think we tend to associate with books--at least that's how I first got to know them and reluctantly ordered my first book on-line, just to discover how simple and convenient it is to shop on-line (provided, of course, that we trust the service!). But really they are a lot more than a bookstore--something in the order of a huge Mall on-line. (Did you know that?) And, in fact, more than this, for they also give things for free!:)
It just takes some patient browsing around to find out this sort of thing that I share here, realizing that possibly not everyone has taken the same interest in getting to know better this huge virtual world that we now have, in complementarity with our usual concrete world. Anyway, to see what you can get for free at , check my FreeStuff Page.
highlight  And in case you did not know about's , I'll briefly share the other Outlet links that I have bookmarked so far, all of which likewise offer special daily deals: , , of course also a , in addition to a (which I naturally visit fairly often:), and a .
highlight  Very possibly, they should also have a videotape Outlet, and some others which I just haven't bookmarked yet.
highlight  Before getting on to another of my favorite software, I should just mention that there is a general URL, at the site, from where we can browse their , in general--and, in fact, a second one that I've also bookmarked, this one under the title --which must be how they refer to that section of their huge web site.

     Half seriously, half for fun now:)...
highlight Those who know me also know that I'm not particularly fond of the line of products... I use them when I must, the one exception of course being , since it just about has the monopoly of current PC software.
Let me make this clear before I go on: I have nothing against (nor in favor of) Microsoft, per se. Just I started out with DOS in the 80's, configuring my own DOS installations, maKing my own batch files and macros, in sum, assuming control of my machine and my work. I've also used UNIX, though never as fluently. What I dislike about the Microsoft line, in general, is likely what many people enjoy: it takes just a few clicks and key punches, and your work looks quite presentable. It's really so easy, so simple... But you have no control (or idea) over how you got there, nor can you fine-tune details to minutiae. This feels to me like being in a car that will do the driving for me. So, my personal word processor is , though I've had all along a copy of installed and have written half of a book using (for the other half, plus two other books I used ).
highlight Anyway, in honor of my good friend Vera, whose leg I lovingly pull because she's rather committed to the Microsoft line, and as a token of my respect for her choice (no prejudice, despite my teasing:), I copied a special link the last time I was browsing software at , which I know she uses when she makes her very good looking web pages. Hope you enjoy the special honor, Vera!:)
To tell the truth, I've had this software installed in my computer but never opened it. So I cannot personally recommend , as I can all else listed on this page. What I can say is that Vera's pages are very pleasant and nice-looking!
Personally, I'm very happy using for my HTML coding, as already mentioned, and for just about all else, except very heavy word processing, for which I use .
highlight To balance things out a bit, though, here are a couple of links to popular commercial programs that I can recommend: and .

     Music Software
highlight As I mentioned the above, I realized I could not get this page ready without a few lines on the . This is absolutely one of my favorite places for browsing and/or buying anything that's music-related--not only software.
highlight Their twin on-line store, , carries sheet music, song books, guitar tabs, CDs (including CDs combined with the sheet music–great for practicing!), videos, books, and more. They have over a quarter million titles to choose from, and a very, very user-friendly system for ordering online.
highlight The , in turn, carries all the gear that musicians need, from software to microphones and drumsticks.
Independently of where I am in the world, I regularly get all my guitar strings from them, as well as whatever other music gear and sheet music I may need. They have the lowest prices on the net (I searched thoroughly, before my first purchase), and are excellent in shipping--try them and you'll see what I mean.
Though this page is geared toward software, if you are interested in music software, you're likely to appreciate finding out about the entire scope you can enjoy at the and on-line stores. They are both worth your bookmark.
highlight For your convenience, I've just added a search-box right below. Now you can use it to browse around and see for yourself the wide span of choices (and narrow prices) available at these twin on-line music stores. And get ready to enjoy your visit:), for their web site is quite pleasant and user-friendly!

     McAfee (shareware)
I've been on line for well over a decade and used a number of different virus protection and firewall programs (including the excellent Norton software). I ended up settling for the line which, IMO, offers the very best protection package among all.
I couldn't put up this page without a word about these programs. For good protection is a must these days, when our computers tend to become extensions of our fingers,
taking care of the heavy drudgery while allowing our brains more freedom and avail to work creatively. the same time...
unfortunately the viruses and hackers are all over:(...
highlight No use waiting until disaster strikes...
I have friends who have regretted this dearly, a fact which makes me feel I must emphasize at MieNet the important of protection!
You can usually get a 14-day free trial of the . So, check this out when you download the software!
highlight  BTW, if you have not used a virus scan program for a while, ! Yes, the service is offered on-line.
Go Last, but certainly not least, carried a tempting promotion for quite some time. Anyone getting their Firewall, would also get 20 free MP3 songs from!:) As a musician, of course I found it a very attractive offer. Just too bad I've long gotten my Firewall (in addition, of course, to Virus protection)--so, the promotion wasn't for me... Whether or not they will have the same special offer again, I don't know. I'll keep an eye on them, just in case, and will of course update this page.

   BTW, do you know that you can download free MP3s at MieNet? Check them out.

     Norton (shareware)
highlight A good option for protection is the , which I have been using for a few months now (I previously used ZoneAlarm). Symantec is a serious company, though they have been better, IMO (I've used their products for over a decade now). They seem to emulate more and more the Microsoft style, which, personally, I am not too fond of. But Symantec still makes products that we can trust, so if you like the Norton brand, go ahead and get protected, for this is what is essential!
highlight The Symantec protection that I have used is the . In fact, I'm currently using it again, as part of the (the PRO edition is the one I use and would recommend), in a computer running Win-XP.
highlight I certainly miss some of the old Norton Products which Symantec have discontinued (to reduce costs?...) as their System Works line was inaugurated. Most especially, I miss the Norton Commander, some useful functions of which not even the excellent Total Commander has so far offered.
highlight I've now and then heard that the Norton line is too intrusive, meaning, I suppose, that Norton programs are too conspicuous, This issue, as I see it, is a matter of taste: I, for one, don't partake the opinion. Though was my choice for virus-proteting the PC on my desk, I'm basically very happy with the Norton products that I have used and still do, just lamenting that the Symantec folks have leaned a bit toward the trend set by Microsoft, which automates much which, in the past, was accomplished in interaction with the user. highlight I close this entry by adding that I consider the software now called a must in any computer that I use often. It has saved me a lot of trouble, in addition to being far more efficient than Windows in file and disk maintenance. BTW, before Win2000 and later editions, I have had no problems running the equivalent to Norton System Works and McAfee anti-virus side by side. Just of course I disable the anti-virus section of Norton.
It may happen that one of the two firewalls under focus here will agree better with your system, or you may be as lucky as I've been and find yourself able to use either one. It is a matter of trying out. (On WindowsXP I use the Norton firewall. I'll try to remember to report here whenever I try something different.)
Anyway, do make a good back-up before you install either program, just in case things could go really wrong. It is not usually the case, but it can happen. Again, prevention is better than cure:).

     What Process?
describes itself as “a combination of freeware software and an online process library from Uretopia Limited that allows you to identify and manage processes running on your own local computer, as well as on remote computers on your network.” The same company offers the shareware , a program engineered to identify, remove and block Spyware, Adware, Malware, Dialers, and more, and to allow you to decide which proceses may run on your computer.

     Freebyte BackUp and other goodies
highlight  If you'd like a hot tip regarding back-up software, I'd suggest you visit : they offer a very nice back-up program, Freebyte Back-up, which is freeware. I'm an old-time user of Software and can attest not only for its quality but also for Freebyte's commitment with developing and upgrading their software as time goes by. It is surely nice to know we're using a product that is not going to be the end of its line and just fossilize!
     Freebyte Software
highlight  The web site carries a lot of great home-made software, in addition to offering an excellent guide to what's free on the Web. You won't regret bookmarking it!:)
highlight  Want a taste of the software you can get at ? , the most flexible program of its sort that I know, (I've commented elsewhere on MieNet on it), , (mentioned above), , , , --these are the ones that I have. There may be more...
highlight  , which I have already referred to above, is likewise . The , mentioned on top of this page was released to enable anyone to access files made with TreePad. The program displays all files produced by and higher, pretty much the same way as the Adobe Reader displays files made with the well-known , which I've already mentioned above.
highlight  Freebyte's line of products, comprising (Freeware), (Shareware), and (Freeware), is really a smash. Certainly le chef d'oeuvre amid all Freebyte software is the Enterprise version, which actually offers 3 or 4 different “sub-versions”: for single users and for multiple users.
highlight  Whereas , unquestionably an excellent program, too, is not only costly (by comparison-- is under US$30.00!), but also Adobe's respective Reader takes at least twice the space on your disk as compared to the Reader program. Both Reader programs, 's and 's can be obtained free of charge; but TreePad's Reader again comes out with a few advantages: it requires no installation and it can run from a floppy!
As a matter of fact, you can run any of 's single-user programs from a floppy disk--did you know it? This is quite handy! (I suppose the multi-user versions cannot – I haven't tried these, as I have no need for them.)
highlight  In addition to the freeware versions (, , and ), all regularly upgraded, I should say a word also about one more TreePad Shareware Family member: . This is a program offering all that TreePad PLUS does, in addition to offering state-of-the-art encryption and password protection! Of course I've gotten my copy:), though I hardly use it now, because I have upgraded to TreePad BIZ, which does all that the SAFE does, and more. Currently, I use TreePad-X Enterprise, TreePad BIZ, and the old TreePad Lite – and many times I have the three of them on! At any rate, I don't start my computer without also starting Total Commander (also mentioned on this page) and TreePad.
highlight  You can see I'm serious when I suggest above that is well worth your bookmark!
I know of no other web site that is both [1] a serious guide to what is free andf useful on the Web (there's no gimmick or sales pitch hidden in the very handy information you access there!) and [2] an excellent developer of software, the greatest majority of which all free and all of it real quality stuff.
highlight  If you'd also like a hot tip regarding what to do in order to have more space and, more especially, enough space for your back-ups, then take a look at the next item, where I'm sharing the best solution I know for managing space and always having enough.

     Iomega Drives + Disks
highlight Just in case you are not familiar, specializes in storage (with large capacity). For example, I've long used their disks to complement my own hard disk (and run anything from them--including programs), as well as to store very large back-ups (even copies of my hard disks), large image and wav files, etc.
Another feature that I've greatly enjoyed is that I've been able to travel with a lot of data stored in a space slightly more voluminous than a simple diskette, and have it all easily accessible anywhere:).
If you're familiar with , you know how handy this line of products is.
highlight At any rate, I've assembled below a few special links to the line of products. Enjoy discovering what's new!:) And don't forget also to follow the link to their special sales pages, for I know there are a lot of products under-priced at the moment.
highlight A special tip here--out of my own experience--for Iomega users.

     Poco Mail
highlight This is the e-mail program I use. is another small program (the first I mentioned is --see above, here and here) which is extremely rich in features, in contrast to the small space it takes on your disk. I'll tell you more about , as soon as I have the time. But suffice it to say that, just as it was with Virus Scanners and Firewalls, especially (see McAfee and ZoneAlarm above), I have used all the most famous e-mail programs (from Pegasus, my second favorite e-mailer, to MS Exchange), and have settled for . I can highly recommend it--for no other reason it is on this page. (This is a page where I share what I use and am fond of.)
highlight Though deserves a longer reference and praise, I will just mention for now that PocoMail offers more functions than I have been able to explore, even though it is a relatively small program. Other than this, one excellent point in PocoMail should not be omitted: the way it deals with spam. If you are plagued with a lot of daily spam, you will be happy for PocoMail, which has been programmed to learn to recognize spam mail, according to input that you provide. The spammers becoming each day more creative, PocoMail becomes a necessity, IMO, to prevent e-mailing to turn into a drudgery.
highlight For as long as I have not managed to write the proper description that deserves, I invite you to visit their site and see for yourself why their logo is the small software that delivers!:) Poco Mail is shareware: you can download it free and use it for a month, before you need to register it. This is quality software, you can be sure! And very pleasant-looking, too, its interface, in fact being highly customizable.

highlight As time allows, I'll be improving this page, as well as adding a few more entries and braking the page up in independent sections.
highlight Just I could not put the page up without reference to , another program that is a must in my computer. In very few words, for now, is made by the same author as , already mentioned above, and just the same, quality software, too. You'll find MailBag invaluable if, like me, you have e-mail saved in all kinds of formats, and would love to access it all and organize it all together, and turn on a single program to do this. BTW, the program also reads e-mail downloaded and saved with . is shareware, allowing you free download and use for a month, before you need to become a registered user.

Hope you've found the information I share useful!:)
How about also sharing with me your views on whatever software and/or a special software site which you are fond of, and which you have not found listed above? You can be sure I'll be pleased. Having read this far, you probably realize that (though I'm not a programmer) this is one more topic that interests me:).


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