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Formula 3000

All-Time Champions


View the 2003 F3000 Calendar here.

Le Mans
art print


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F-3000 All-Time Champions


Year Driver
2004 Vitantonio Liuzzi (IT)
2003 Björn Wirdheim (SE)
2002 Sebastièn Bourdais (FR)
2001 Justin Wilson (UK)
2000 Bruno Junqueira (BR)
1999 Nick Heidfeld (DE)
1998 Juan Pablo Montoya (CO)
1997 Ricardo Zonta (BR)
1996 Jörg Müller (DE)
1995 Vincenzo Sospiri (IT)
1994 Jean Chrisophe Boullion (FR)
1993 Olivier Panis (FR)
1992 Luca Badoer (IT)
1991 Cristian Fittipaldi (BR)
1990 Erik Comas (FR)
1989 Jean Alesi (FR)
1988 Roberto Moreno (BR)
1987 Stefano Modena (IT)
1986 Ivan Capelli (IT)
1985 Christian Danner (DE)
Year Driver

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